Quick Quiz #2

1. What was the first decimal stamp set that was not issued in sheets of stamps?
2. How many decimal imperforate stamps have been released?  572, 674 or 1076?
3. What was the first fully imperforate self-adhesive stamp to be released?
4. How many variations of the $10 Kangaroo & Map stamp were released in May 2013?  2, 6 or 13?
5. When was the first decimal gummed stamp with printed perforations released?
[Answer on Page 13 of April 2017 Stamp News.]
6. How many decimal stamps have been released with the same design but in different sizes?  27, 47 or 117?
7. Was the first personalised stamp tab on the left or the right of the stamp?
8. How many decimal stamps have been overprinted?  14, 53 or 82?
9. How many stamps have been released made of gold foil?  28, 48 or 88?
10. How many pre-decimal stamps have been re-released since the introduction of decimal currency?  72, 122 or 152?
11. When was the first time multiple decimal stamps of the same value but with different designs were issued at once?
12. In Australia Postís 2016 Impressions catalogue of collectable products, what is the price of the most expensive item?  $295, $2950 or $29500?